About our Committee:

We are part of PSLA's Media Selection and Review Committee.

Each year, we scan professional journals, for well-reviewed titles published during the previous year, titles that appeal to the grade 6-12 audience.

From this review media, we compile and merge lists of nominations and request those titles from publishers. When we receive the titles, they are distributed to our Committee members. Our Committee of around 25 - 30 librarians from around the state, examine the titles for their quality and their relevance to the middle and high school curricula, and reading interests.

The Committee selects their top picks to include fiction, non-fiction, and reference. After we compile our lists, we write to publishers with winning titles to alert them of the inclusion of their titles on our lists.

At our April/May PSLA conference, we present our book lists to a large audience in a lively, interactive presentation. The lists are reproduced on the PSLA website (http://www.psla.org/association/committee/mediaselectionandreview/topforty.php4) and in our state library journal, Learning and Media.

We welcome any of your nominations of your 2011 titles.

Note: About the or so in our lists. We love so many titles each year, we hate to be restricted by arbitrary numbers!